Flood Damaged iStores

In response to the extensive flooding that is occurring in parts of Australia, the following advice is provided for dealing with water heaters that have been partially or completely submerged in flood waters.

Should the iStore Air-to-Energy Water heater have been partially or fully submerged then is should be replaced. As a general rule water submerged water heaters may have:

  • Electrical components damaged beyond repair or with compromised mechanisms.
  • Fans, evaporators, flues, and heat exchangers affected by silt and blockage, causing unsafe operation.
  • Other components of the water heater like insulation which may be damaged, thereby affecting the operation and life span of the water heater.


Also, if flood water has entered a water heater, the quality of the potable water provided may be affected and it is recommended that the unit be replaced. Remember, flood waters may be contaminated with sewage which can carry a range of viruses, bacteria and parasites in addition to other debris.

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The Basics

Yes - the iStore is very easy to maintain. After your iStore is installed and commissioned, maintenance required is very minimal.

iStore recommends that a 5 year service be conducted to ensure the system is working at maximum efficiency.

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The Australian government manufacturers to allow 50 litres of hot water per person per day, as the 180L iStore can produce up to 1400 litres per day at 60 litres per hour we recommend the 180L for up to a family of 4 in a water conscious household with water saving showerheads. The 270L can produce up to 1900 litres per day at 80 litres per hour and suitable for large families

iStore is a member of the Refrigerant Reclaim Australia and Ozone Depleting Substances and Synthetic Greenhouse Gases Australia (environment.gov.au) and as such takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. The R134A is a non ozone depleting and at end of life are processed by responsible and licensed recyclers holding Australian Refrigeration Council licenses for refrigerant handling.


The iStore range includes the 180L for up to 4 people in a water conscious household whereas our 270L is the family size unit. The 180L can produce on average 1600 litres per day in ECO mode and 1900 litres per day from the 270L in ECO mode. Talk to your local Authorised Reseller for your individual need.

Of course – the iStore is not reliant on the sun shining. Extracting energy from the surrounding air, the iStore will provide reliable hot water day and night, all year round.

Compared to conventional gas and electric resistive hot water systems, the iStore surpasses the latest Australian Standards for safety. With an incredibly low power draw when in operation (less than a household kettle), the iStore seamlessly integrates with existing electrical infrastructure in any Australian home or business.

The team behind iStore invested over 10,000 man hours ensuring the compressor would be as quiet as possible, without sacrificing efficiency. The iStore has been independently tested to 46.6dB at 1m. It’s an amazing achievement and we’re proud to say we have one of the quietest systems available on the market.

Of course – checking with your insurance company is the first port of call. iStore recommends that your insurance company is notified and listed on your policy. We also suggest to check whether you have fusion protection in case of power surges.

If your football team stops over after your winning game then the iStore can respond with manual overrides. If you have your unit setup to sip the power from your PV system during the day only but have unexpected high demand you can simply unlock the screen(press and hold the power button for 8 seconds) then wake it up to run immediately(press the power button for one second). Call us and we can discuss intermittent high demands and how best to handle them.

To prevent unwanted changes to the iStore settings the screen will automatically lock after 3 minutes of activity on units sold after early 2020. For older units we recommend manual locking of the screens, to lock the screen simply press and hold the power button for 8 seconds until the padlock symbol appears. To unlock any models press and hold the power button for 8 seconds until the padlock symbol turns off.

Unlike a mobile phone where the whole screen is touch sensitive, only the control buttons on the lcd are touch sensitive. On the 270L istore the lcd control buttons are 1.5cm up from the silver surround, on the 180L the buttons are 3cm up from the edge of the black frame when the protective flap is opened.

The most likely situation is you are visiting your iStore outside of the timer window, when the timer window start time is reached the unit will power on and show the actual tank temperatures. Note the unit will not heat while it is OFF.

To protect the screen from accidental changes there is a child lock that can engage after a number of minutes of inactivity, when this lock turns on a padlock symbol will appear to the right of the digital clock time. To unlock the screen press and hold the power button (leftmost button) for 8 seconds until a beep is heard and the padlock symbol turns off.

The clock and date is not required for normal functioning of the iStore, it is only required for operational timers or setting the end of my vacation.

Yes – on occasions during high demand there may be need to start the booster during heat cycles or even outside the heat cycles, simply press the booster button for a manual boost. NOTE this is a one-time boost and will not operate during the next heat cycle.

Yes – to comply with stored water regulations the iStore will carry out a weekly anti Legionella cycle.

Yes the iStore has an internal memory so that if there is any loss of power when the power returns it remembers all of the settings and timers you have programmed in.

Unlock the screen as per FAQ "The LCD screen will not respond" then press and hold the leftmost lcd button for one second and let go, the unit should now wakeup, show you the temperatures, and if required start to heat. To turn it off again just do a one second press on the power button to return it to the OFF state.


Yes technically there is no reason why an iStore cannot be on a controlled load circuit.

Note that technical support during normal business hours can be limited unless there is a manual override of the circuit available.

It is not advised to attempt integration of the iStore built in timers with the Offpeak circuit as the grid removing power at varying times may interrupt the heating cycles from the built in timers. Removal of the power will leave the iStore in the state it was in at that time, for example if the unit was in the OFF state when the power was removed then it will remember that and be in the OFF state when the grid turns the power back on. The iStore will not switch back on until the start timer is reached and hence may not heat at all during the grid power supply time.

The iStore units are listed on the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator registry – Rec-Registry unde the System Brand “IHEAT” with the two System models included as PASHW008-180LD-NM and PASHW015-270LD-FL02

The iStore uses R134a refrigerant gas, R-134a is a very safe refrigerant with an ASHRAE safety classification of A1. This means it is not flammable and has very low toxicity levels. Because HFC-134a has no chlorine in its molecule, it has a zero ozone-depletion potential (ODP) and doesn't deplete the stratospheric ozone layer. R-134a is used extensively in Australia across a wide variety of applications including hot water heat pumps, air conditioners and almost every vehicle air conditioner.

The federal government enforces strict guidelines onto energy efficient products such as the iStore, as such the thermostat band is 12 degrees. If you check your lcd screen it has two numbers, the small number in the top left is the bottom of the tank temperature and this controls the heating cycle. When the bottom drops to 12 degrees below the target temperature then the heating cycle will commence. Typically your iStore would be set to 60 degrees, this can be checked by pressing the up arrow once to display that target. Following a 60 degrees target the bottom of the tank needs to drop to 48 degree to start the heating. Note that the hot water always rises and will stay at the top of the tank during usage and delivery to the house so if you see say 55 in the centre and 35 in the top left the house will still be getting 55 degree water from the tank. 

For Units manufactured from January 2023 ignores timers with the same start and end time, that is 00:00 on thru 00:00 off will not activate as 12:00 on thru 12:00 off will also not activate. On and off times should have differing minutes also to ensure the desired period is achieved. For example for a full daytime timer a start of 10:00 on thru 16:00 should have the minute increased to 16:01 to confirm the timer window operation.

For Units manufactured prior to January 2023 do not set the second timer to 00:00 ON and 00:00 OFF as the unit will commence heating at midnight every second night. To leave the second time off simply allow the timer 2 setting to timeout after setting the first timer end time.

If you visit your iStore outside of the timer window the display should say OFF in the centre of the screen, when inside the timer window the temperatures are displayed.

If you are setting the timer and you are currently outside of the timer you will need to switch the unit to the OFF state by a 2 second press on the power button and let go, when the timer start time is reached it activates the display and will show the temperatures etc, at the end of the timer window the display will return to the OFF state.

A simple way to double check is set the start to 2 minutes ahead of the current time, set the end to 2 minutes after the start, switch the unit to the OFF state with a 2 second press and release on the power button. Watch the clock and when the start time is reached the unit should wake up for 2 minutes then go back to sleep 2 minutes after that.

Note if the water temperature is within the 11 degree thermostat range at the bottom of the tank (top left number) then the unit will not heat during those 2 minutes.

 Performance and Savings

By installing an iStore, you can save up to $1000 per year.

Installing an iStore is the equivalent of removing 4 tonnes worth of CO2 every year!

How long before my system pays itself back should be changed to “Based on 200 litres per day usage (4 people) a household replacing an electric storage or 10 year old gas system could expect a return on investment to be approximately 3 years when factoring in the replacement / purchase cost of a traditional hot water system.

Depending on your residing state in Australia,
customers replacing existing traditional hot water systems may be eligible for $800 to
$3000 off their system cost!

Yes the 2 models operate with exactly the same efficient, tried, and proven heating process. The super efficient 180L with a powerful 500W compressor will heat all your hot water or the powerful 900W compressor in our 270L will cover all of your hot water needs for your large and growing family.


The most common installation location is on the ground, located outside the home. Custom solutions for tight / elevated areas can be designed, however please contact an iStore specialist to discuss your needs.

The 270L all-in-one iStore will require approximately 0.7m in width x 2.1m height whereas the iStore 180L is specifically designed for narrow block installations and has the unique dimensions of 0.54m in width x 2.1m height

Yes - the iStore can in fact be installed indoors as the refrigerant used is non-flammable and safe to be installed indoors. Provision for adequate fresh air to unit location shall be provided. Contact iStore to discuss your site-specific needs.

Typically, an installation of the iStore will take between 2-3 hours to complete. In almost all installation scenarios you will have hot water again the same evening of installation.

Yes - the iStore is an ideal replacement for existing gas or electric hot water systems. In fact, installing an iStore when replacing existing hot water systems takes about the same time as installing a traditional gas or electric hot water system.

Post Installation

Yes - the iStore is very easy to maintain. After your iStore is installed and commissioned, maintenance required is very minimal.

iStore recommends that a 5 year service be conducted to ensure the system is working at maximum efficiency.

Can’t find the answers you were looking for? Our staff are always happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today on
1300 552 619 or leave us a message on the form below.

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